demisexual jim kirk

rabidchild67 replied to your post: i have the weirdest fanfic searches on…

do tell

i went to screenshot some of the searches but i read most fanfic on my tablet, not my laptop, so it literally just

maybe jim eats too much bc he’s overcompensating bc of what happened on tarsus iv


spock prime being grateful that aos jim’s eyes are blue so that he at least doesn’t have to look into the eyes of his long dead t’hy’la

aos jim wearing shaded contacts that make his eyes hazel when visiting spock prime on new vulcan and prime breaks down when he sees them


i thought about rewatching the voyage home again but i rewatched it less than a week ago soo o o


"i dont headcanon that character as queer"





Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - a summary.


the sun doesn’t have to go to college bc it already has 28 million degrees



how to improve something

  • queer girls
  • queer boys that aren’t just two white cis dudes
  • non binary characters
  • pirates
  • dragons
  • queer girls 
  • im posting that again b/c it is v important to me


Bert Stern, photography of Courrèges and his space age style, 1960s.

"Please, stop talking": A Masterpost.


A collection of quotes from men in the reboot Star Trek creative team, that will most likely make you cringe.

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🐳🐋 i’m looking for two whales called george and gracie


man but imagine if karl urban directed the next trek movie (with john cho consulting) 

i mean aside from mccoy inexplicably putting two phasers in his mouth simultaneously, i feel like the movie would really be true to the spirit of star trek